Well I can’t say it’s the best podcast I ever did, but if you like listening to me go on and on about absolutely nothing, then this is your podcast … enjoy (for lack of a better term) … thanks, and please comment if you have something to say, everything helps … by the way, it’s still the link to the right, on Itunes … the links on this thing don’t work still!

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  1. Kay Yang Says:

    Okay here we are again. I stirred up a bit of controversy last time I posted, and I still stand behind my statements, although because they have been deleted by the gods of the unpublished, I will save you from them. I was in my car the other day, and I have two things to say to you, first you need to put an Itunes link back on your page, of course, and second, you’re wonderful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’m always engaged with your podcast. Have a great new year Eric, and I hope to hear more from you next year. Kay

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