This is EXACTLY why I love doing this podcast … When I first started doing this project I had imagined hearing from many different writers, covering various topics and ideas, and hearing about similar themes from different voices and different points of view, and Renee’ just dives right into this next podcast covering many of the same topics of control and critiques that I had covered in the last podcast and putting another spin on it, of course, but as she’s talking she manages to bring up a topic that I had never thought of, and should really think of covering in an upcoming podcast, which is intellectual honestly. You get it at the VERY end, and it’s worth listening to, cause it’s very real and makes a ton of sense … (Inside note, remember how I said Renee’s podcasts always come to me with a million edit lines in it, where she turns off, or pauses her train of thought? Well this one was one single piece of material, which is weird for me because she had done this long diatribe about how she does not control her writing; that she is merely the conduit for her stories. It seems as if she had proven it with this podcast, because without all the edit lines she has achieved in her podcast which she had always claimed about her writing, which was a flowing conduit of ideas and words that were escaping her brain rather than her controlling it.) Again, the link on the right, and the one below will allow you to experience this amazing podcast

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