THE ELEVENTH RENO SHOW (without Joanna :(, but WITH Tacie :)!)

Yeah I know you were all expecting there to be this HUGE gap between podcasts, being that Joanna is on vacation and all, but evidently there was someone willing to put up with me long enough to guest host a Reno Show … Joanna was missed of course, but I think that Tacie stepped up and did a GREAT JOB. You know podcasting is weird, you can have all the chemistry in the world with people, and yet still the podcast can totally suck. Joanna and I have even done a podcast or two that we haven’t released because they sucked so bad … so I was a bit afraid of Tacie tonight. We have remarkable chemistry in person, in fact she’s one of my best friends, but would it work out? Well listen, she’s GREAT … For you Joanna fans rest assured you’ll get your fix … she called in from a bar in Georgetown! Again, click on the link below, or go to Itunes by clicking on my picture on the right … either way thanks a lot

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