When Renee first approached me to guest host an edition of UnpublishedNotDead I have to admit I was flattered. I mean, this was what this website was all about to begin with; sharing our triumphs and frustrations of being unpublished (blah blah blah). It didn’t take long, however, for fear to show its ugly but familiar head. I started to think what would happen if she totally sucked?! I mean I couldn’t do that to my loyal fans and unpublishednotdead-ers, could I? How on earth would I tell her that it was awful? She later sent me this thoughtful email saying I could back out at any time, but how passive aggressive was that? So I love Renee, and I’ve mentioned her several times in my podcast, and if you look to the right of this blur, you’ll see the link to her blog (that I’ve never been able to comment on for some reason) so I was optimistic that she was going to be brilliant, and she did not disappoint! Her podcast was exactly what I thought it would be, thoughtful, and insightful, and kind of cute. And although this is nothing like one of my podcasts, it is … and that’s the point of all this … it is the same because all writers are the same on a very basic level, we have this weird need to be heard … and now when you hit the link on the bottom of this entry (or hit the link on the right to hear her on wonderful itunes, which I recommend since no one has luck with the bottom link) Renee will be heard, hopefully not for the last time. Her voice is strong and sincere, and it is why I dig her … and now you will dig her too.

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