Oct 13

here is the story I refer to in podcast six, if you want to read it go ahead, but you don’t need to to listen to the podcast … Kael

NEW SOUL by Kael

This is not my soul. People would think I was crazy if I told them about it… so it’s this white sheet of paper that I’ll bare myself onto. My soul is weak, it has been known to hide and sulk. My soul is wiry and ducks behind backyard fences to get away Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 12

Podcast six will be online tuesday at the regular places … including here. By the way, if you want me to link to your site, let me know … all I ask is that you link back here. my email is Kael@unpublishednotdead.com

Oct 12

My good friend Bill (not just some guy I know, but a good friend) is being deployed to Afghanistan soon, if you believe in prayer, please pray for his safe return. If you don’t believe in that, please think good thoughts … I have very few good friends because the criteria is so high.

Oct 12

You know I have to be honest; I have no confidence in either presidential candidate to do anything about anything. I know you’re all out there with your Obama shirts, chanting his name in unison (which sounds an awful like the word “change,”) while an almost equal amount of you are out there chanting McCain’s name as if he were your choice for president Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 10

I’ve mentioned this before on this blog and podcast (number six is in the works by the way … I’m recording it this weekend), but in case you’ve missed it, I’m dyslexic. I actually have a pretty bad case of it, and during college (and high school), I had a really hard time keeping up with all the reading I had to do. I came up with a ton of tricks to fake my way through it, and eventually I got so good at it, I wasn’t even reading any of my assigned reading. Mostly I would listen Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 10

Here is the short story I cite in my last blog … not one of my best, but I still dig it.


Everyday his alarm goes off at 5:36 am. He Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 10

I start every story I write with a sentence. If you’re not a writer, or fancy yourself a scribe, you might assume that is about the most asinine thing anyone has ever written, but if you ARE a writer (which you probably are) you’ll recognize right away that I don’t write like other writers do.

Every writing book ever written tells Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 9

I usually do my podcasts on Wednesday, and trust me, it’s pretty fucking cool that anyone is listening, but in the beginning I have to be honest I was going to talk about that stupid conference forever, and after I got done with that, I was going to go Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 6

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine told me that she was declaring bankruptcy. I didn’t think too much about this since I knew her finances were messy since her divorce, and just shrugged it off, but it was foreshadowing, I assure you. The other Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 5

During my stint at the writer’s conference, I learned a great many things about literary fiction. First off, these conferences, classes, and the like ARE the market for literary fiction. There is no other market, and trust me those kids at Powell Book store aren’t buying your quality novel, they’re hanging out drinking coffee and reading it there. I kept hearing over and over Read the rest of this entry »

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