I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again … democracy does not work if you don’t vote. I’m still one of those people who think that the collective soul of the people will decide the best person to govern. I urge everyone to vote; early vote (I did Saturday, and it was easy) if you can. As you can tell I don’t tell anyone who to vote for, but I assure you that whoever becomes president will fade in your mind compared to the people who serve you locally. The ironic thing is that this presidential election will get people to the ballots, but most people will still be unaware of the people who truly have a direct affect on your lives … local judges and counsel members. Go to websites in your area and research the people who will affect your everyday lives. Local politics were directly responsible for the horrific fires at Lake Tahoe last year. They had policies of not letting people clear their properties of fuels, and did not allow anyone to clear most of the dead wood in the forest. The president had nothing to do with that decision. Local people raise your sales taxes, property taxes, decide on zoning permits, and building permits (in some cases), and most of them control your schools and public transit systems. Find out who is the best person for the job, and vote! Obama or McCain will become president, and no matter how much you think these guys are going to affect your lives, they pale in comparison to the people in your own backyard. And another thing, no matter who wins for president, drop the bullshit and let them govern … the hating across party lines is almost as stupid as the “taste great … less filling” argument. If you sit back and watch you guys, like I do, you’d realize how fucking stupid you all look teaching your kids to scream Obama! at the drop of a hat, or wearing your McCain buttons. Let me let you in on a little secret … neither of these guys would cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire, they both want power and influence, and they have no interest in your well being. Local elections are the ones to pay attention to … they are the people who haven’t become as big of dicks … yet. in closing, go vote … Kael

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