Today I was reading goggle news, and I noticed that some guy in West Hollywood had put an effigy of Sarah Palin on his front lawn hanging on a noose, and even though the media and most of the planet is outraged about it, he refuses to take it down. I ask you, guy in West Hollywood, how is this different than burning a cross on your lawn, or painting a swastika onto your front door? I used to tell my nephew that all hate is the same, and it always make you an ass. I stand behind that today. I have remained somewhat vague about what my political views are, but today I feel the need to tell you. I disagree with much of what Sarah Palin believes in. I respect her choices, but I don’t want to be forced into making the same ones (even though I secretly hope I would have the same level of integrity that she does when it comes to her convictions. I fear I would not though). Come next Tuesday I hope that Barack Obama wins this election because then I get to stop hearing all the hate speak in the media everyday. I no longer will have to listen that the president of my country is an idiot, and a warmonger (I guess I was raised to respect that office, even though I have strong disagreements with it in it’s present form, I’ll use my right as a citizen of the United States to change it and vote, and not undermine it’s every move with rhetoric designed to discredit it.). I will no longer have to hear that John McCain is a stupid old man, and Sarah Palin a stupid young woman, compounded by the endless reasons why. I will no longer have to endure hearing that my government is dispassionate and mean, when I know for a fact that my country is kind and just, because I live here, and I see the people who give more than any other country in the history of the world, and do so willingly and gladly. I will no longer have to get into arguments about Iraq or terrorism, two subject I think very few people, including myself, know much about. My days will be spent wondering what SNL will have to poke fun at and mock, and not be offended that my intelligence will again be insulted by a hit piece designed to control my thoughts and project an opinion I’m evidently not allowed to form because I’m not as smart as they are. My political party, the Democrats, will finally have to stand on their own and for something … they will no longer be able to run on the fact that they’re not George Bush, while they conveniently forget that they gave him the mandate to do most of what they’re attacking him for now. I will get to see how this government will handle the dangers we face today, because although I have remained safe in my home and within my borders for the past seven years, I’m told that this government is doing something drastically wrong, although no one is able to tell me what.

I read that six out of even ten stories is negative against John McCain, and there are twice as many positive stories about Barack Obama as there is about John McCain in the media today. Those numbers are pretty high if you ask me. I hope that after this election the thought police will retire, and I’ll get to form my own opinions about what is going on in the world. I hope all these things, guy in West Hollywood, but most of all I hope that someday you recognize that thing I try to teach my nephew … that all hate is the same. You, my friend, have taken that first step down that same road that all men who eventually end up in hell take. You have decided to hate someone you doesn’t think the same as you, and tomorrow it will be someone who doesn’t look like you, and then someone who doesn’t believe in the same things you do … and so on and so on … and we never learn. And I cry that most humans disgrace the word humanity on a daily basis.

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