You know I promised this would never be a political ranting blog, and I will continue that thread to my death (I’ll change my mind soon enough, trust me). You see I don’t blame this economic situation the country is in or the Democrats or the Republicans, I blame it on the people who have been screwing me since day one. I put the blame dead square on the fucking YUPPIES! Yeah if you read Generation X by Douglas Coupland (which you should, because it’s brilliant!), you’d know all about those dirty little pie hoarders. We know who you are, all you 50-60 year olds who just never learned what the word “enough” meant.

And who gets fucked in all this? The X-ers do. When I graduated college the first George Bush was in office, and we were riding one of the greatest recessions in American history. I couldn’t buy a job. After endless searches, I ended up working at a post-production house in Hollywood for 250 dollars a week. Yeah, I’m serious! To give you a little perspective on that, 250 dollars a week is six and a quarter an hour, and after taxes comes out to a little under two hundred even a week. It sounds like almost nothing because it was. Most of my friends, not being able to find work in the lucrative private sector as I had, went to graduate school, piled up debt, and got professional degrees. There was a passage in Generation X where the main character is complaining about his boss talking about all the money he has to spend, when he’s eating Kraft Dinners, working a McJob, in a cubicle where natural light was the enemy. I remember being in a similar situation. I was bringing my boss to pick up his Jaguar at the shop, and earlier that day I had been talking to my supervisor about asking for a raise, from 250 to 300 bucks a week. I had been working there eight months without a raise, and I thought it was a done deal. My father had told me asking for a raise is never a good thing because not getting a raise when you deserve it is a sure sign of disrespect. I actually agree with that now. So, I was driving with this douche-bag to pick up his car from the shop, and he started talking about his wife, and how much money she spent on the MasterCard every month. He was complaining that she was spending upwards of 20,000 a month, and paying that off was getting to be annoying. So let me set up the situation, I was driving this guy to pick up his jag, talking about how his wife spends 20,000 a month, and I’m not making enough to pay the rent on my apartment (thanks mom and dad for not letting me be homeless). Later that day I ask for a raise, and they say the market isn’t there to justify it. I quit that rat bastard job, and of course never found another one, but I got the last laugh, I ended up working with my parents in construction and am still there … exposed like an open wound with the Yuppies hovering over me with a shaker of salt ready to steal my job again, take my house away, and generally be assholes.

Now in case you don’t believe me … the average age of a member of Congress is 56 years old, that’s well into Yuppie Scum age if you asked me. David Moffett CEO of Freddie Mac is 56, where Herbert Allison his counterpart at Fannie Mae is 65 (a little old to be a Yuppie, but you get the picture.). I’m pretty sure if we took a snapshot of the rest of the financial community we’d find the same age ranges.

So who takes it up the ass? Well of course my generation does. Now I’m talking about anyone who’s hovering in and around the age of 40. We graduated college during the worse recessions in history, but of course during the time when easy credit became a cliché (thanks the Yuppies for 24.9 percent accumulated daily). We supplemented our incomes with credit card debt, and bought overpriced houses from Yuppies borrowing from other Yuppies, that aren’t worth anything anymore. In a time when we should be settled and steady in whatever job we’ve ended up in (for better or worse), we’re all out thinking about looking for other jobs because the ones we have are not reliable.

So thanks Yuppies for your shit, but of course in all this the people who get their money taken away from them are never them … They figured out a way to get us to bail them out … so it will be us when they bankrupt the country and the X-er’s will be the first generation since the great depression where no social security is available. And what’s worse about that is that we pay the most for social security than any other generation ever has.

What needs to happen is that the Yuppies need to be OUT of power. They need to be stop being put in charge of things, they are ASSHOLES! This is not a political thing, this is age warfare. This whole banking crisis is yet another bomb dropped on my generation by the one before it. I don’t think this has ever happened before in the history of the world. I don’t think I do too much to fuck with those annoying little gamers, or whatever they’re called. I don’t think the baby boomers did too much to fuck with the Yuppies … We need to take all of them out of positions of power. They need to live on the street, and learn what the word “enough” means, and what they’ll learn is that WE’VE had ENOUGH of THEIR SHIT! … it’s time to take back your country X-er’s … stop being Pussies. Kael

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